Adventures in vRealize Automation 8

Follow along as I create a flexible VMware vRealize Automation 8 environment for provisioning virtual machines - all from the comfort of my Intel NUC homelab.

VMware Home Lab on Intel NUC 9

13 minute read

I picked up an Intel NUC 9 Extreme kit a few months back (thanks, VMware!) and have been slowly tinkering with turning it into an extremely capable self-cont...

vRA8 Custom Provisioning: Part One

8 minute read

I recently shared some details about my little self-contained VMware homelab as well as how I integrated {php}IPAM into vRealize Automation 8 for assigning I...

vRA8 Custom Provisioning: Part Two

22 minute read

We last left off this series after I’d set up vRA, performed a test deployment off of a minimal cloud template, and then enhanced the simple template to use ...

vRA8 Custom Provisioning: Part Three

7 minute read

Picking up after Part Two, I now have a pretty handy vRealize Orchestrator workflow to generate unique hostnames according to a defined naming standard. It e...

vRA8 Custom Provisioning: Part Four

10 minute read

My last post in this series marked the completion of the vRealize Orchestrator workflow that I use for pre-provisioning tasks, namely generating a unique seq...